Leave of Absence Policy

Leave of Absence Policy


Leave of absences from the Graduate Theology School of Arlington Baptist College will be limited in scope, permission, and time granted.  However, the college also realizes that extenuating circumstance can arise which necessitate a student taking a leave of absence from the program. 


Such extenuating circumstances could include the following situations:


  • Death, Severe Injury, or Critical Illness of a Spouse and/or Child
  • Military Obligations (i.e., calling up of a reserve unit)
  • Severe Financial Setbacks*
  • Forced Termination from a Ministry Position*
  • Divorce and/or Marital Estrangement*


Please Note:  All of the issues which are marked with an asterisk (*) would also an evaluation of your situation by the Dean of the Graduate Theology School.


Examples of situations which would not be considered worthy of a leave of absence are a lack of preparation for the upcoming seminar, “need for a break”, and/or scheduling conflicts with the students’ ministry responsibility.  It is the responsibility of the student to balance academic and ministry responsibilities.  The student will need to work with his ministry obligations so that a conflict of interest does not arise.


The process of requesting a leave of absence from the Graduate Theology School require the following steps:  (1) Schedule a phone and/or person-to-person interview with the director of the program to discuss the situation; (2) After the interview, the student will need to submit a formal letter (for the student files) that outlines the situation necessitating a leave; (3) the Dean of the Graduate Theology School (depending upon the situation as noted above) will evaluate the request and if approved will designate the time allowed for the leave of absence; and the student will be sent a formal letter informing him of the decision and, if approved, the length of time granted for the leave of absence.


Please Note:  (1) The student’s six-year time limit will “stop” during the leave of absence period and his graduation deadline will be adjusted to reflect the change.  (2) A student will be granted only one (1) leave of absence during his time in the Graduate Theology School unless extraordinary circumstances dictate the granting of a second leave.