Extension of Time Policy

Extension of Time Policy


The time limit for completion of the MABTS degree is six years in length.  The time limit for completion of the MDiv degree is eight years.  As a general rule, the program will not grant an extension of time for the program unless extenuating circumstances arise which necessitate an extension being granted.


Such extenuating circumstances could include the following situations:


  • Death, Severe Injury, or Critical Illness of a Spouse and/or Child
  • Military Obligations (i.e., calling up of a reserve unit)
  • Change of Ministry Position (only one change of ministry position will be considered as necessitating an extension of time for the program)


The process of requesting an extension of time for the Graduate Theology School require the following steps:  (1) Schedule a phone and/or person-to-person interview with the director of the program to discuss the situation; (2) After the interview, the student will need to submit a formal letter (for the student files) that outlines the situation necessitating an extension of time; (3) the Dean of the Graduate School will evaluate the request and if approved will designate the time how much extended time to be granted; and (4) the student will be sent a formal letter informing him of the decision and, if approved, the length of time granted for the extension of time in the program.


Please Note:  (1) A $500 fee will be assessed for every semester of time extension granted to the program.  (2) A student will be granted only one (1) extension of time during his time in the Graduate Theology school unless extraordinary circumstances dictate the granting of a second extension.