Journal of the Arlington Baptist College Graduate Theology School

"A Comprehensive Thematic and Exegetical Preaching Plan For Servicemen and Women Assigned to a Combat Environment"
This dissertation by the Dean of the Graduate Theology School, Dr. Mark A. McDaniel, discusses his deployment to Balad Air Base, Iraq, and the unique challenges of preaching to our uniformed personnel in a combat environment
McDaniel Completed Dissertation.pdf
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"An Investigation of the Importance of the Parental Role in the Spiritual Education of Elementary School-Aged Children"
This dissertation by the Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate Theology School, Dr. Brady Blevins, investigates the importance of the parents’ role as the primary
spiritual educators of their elementary school-aged children. Participants were equipped to teach their children biblical truths through the use of object lessons in an attempt to fulfill Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
Blevins Doctoral Dissertation.pdf
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"Palestinian Muslims Converting to Christianity: Effective Evangelistic Methods in the West Bank"
This dissertation by the Biblical Missions Concentration Professor, Dr. Craig Dunning, provides the findings of an explanatory case study that utilized elements of ethnographic research to discover effective evangelistic methods being practiced among Palestinian Muslims in the West Bank. With the assistance of gatekeepers, twenty-four former Muslims were asked to explain how they were evangelized, with a particular focus on evangelistic methodology, the barriers to faith the respondents encountered, solutions to those barriers, and motivations to consider conversion.
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