Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

Financial Information

The Cost of the Program is as follows:


Application Fee:  $52 (Non-Refundable)

Block Tuition:  $1215 ($405 X 3 Semester Hours) per course

Technology Fee:  $100 per course

LearningHouse "Big Blue Button" (Virtual Classroom) Fee:  $25 per course


Typcial Block Cost:  $2,680 (Two Courses Per Block)


The student will be responsible for acquiring any software or books necessary to complete and submit coursework.    


The Bible Study Software, Logos Version 7 Gold will be required for the MABTS Degree and Logos Version 7 Portfolio willl be required for the MDiv Degree.   Procedures for acquiring both the core product and additional required titles will be discussed. Participating students will be eligible for considerable academic discounts from Logos Bible Software.  During the Logos Academic Training Seminar, students will be be guided through  comprehensive training of the program.

Financial Aid

Students will be eligible to apply for subsidized and non-subsidized student loans after completion of the appropriate FAFSA application. The student loan program will be explained and forms distributed during the Graduate Research Seminar.


Students may take loans up to $20,500, however only $8,500 may qualify for the subsidized loan program.


Any questions concerning financial aid, may be directed to the Business Office of Arlington Baptist College at 817.461.8741.

Timothy Fellowship Scholarship

If a church sends a monthly support of at least $350 to Arlington Baptist College, that church can select one full-time staff member to pursue a master’s degree (MABTS or MDiv) at ABC.  This scholarship covers the tuition only.  The student will be responsible for any fees associated with the semester or course charge.  These charges can include the registration fee of $250 per year and $125 per online course.  Addendum:  Effective Spring 2015, the amount of the church monthly support for the Master of Divinity program (96 hours), must be at least $400 per month if a full-time staff member wishes to pursue this degree tuition free.  For the church with the staff member pursuing the MABTS degree, no changes were made.


New ABC Undergraduate Alumni Scholarship

All graduates of any Arlington Baptist College/University undergraduate program is eligible a tuition scholarship of $225 per course, up to a maximum of six courses for the 2017-2018 school year.