Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

Program of Study

The seminars are comprised of individual work and a weekly on-line class which meets on Monday evenings (Beginning January 2013) from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Note:  These Courses will change beginning Fall of 2015.  Students enrolled before Fall of 2015 will be required to complete further courses until their 36 hour requirement is met.  


Should a student desire to upgrade their current MABTS degree, or add an MDiv degree, all work completed prior to Fall 2015 will be credited.  A student will only have complete the addtional hours needed for 96 semester hours.  The Dean of the Graduate Theology School will evaluate these students on a case by case basis.

Required Core Classes

Completion of these three Courses (Until Fall 2015) will allow you to begin regular seminar work.

MABTS 53000 Graduate Research Seminar


3 Semester Hours


This seminar will introduce each student to the program of study.  During this one week seminar, students will be exposed to the expectations of the course, procedures, and research techniques.  Additionally, the Logos Bible Study Software will be introduced and demonstrated as an aid in researching for each seminar.


MABTS 53001 Biblical Languages 1


3 Semester Hours


This seminar will introduce each student to Hebrew and Greek Grammatical Concepts.  Thsi will prepare the student for Biblcial Languages 2 where the process of exegesis, utilizing Logos Bible Study Software, will be explored.


MABTS 53002 Biblcial Languages 2


3 Semester Hours


This seminar will introduce each student to the process of exegeting, translating, interpreting and applying Scripture.  Heavy utilization of Greek and Hebrew resources found in Logos Bible Study Software will be explained and utilized.  Representative passages from the Old and New Testament will be translated.

Course Calendar

For the current offering of courses by Semester, please refer to the Graduate Theology School Course Calendar.