Christian Cremation

In this article from the Desiring God Blog, written by John Piper, an argument is made that Christians should not cremate their loved ones.  Piper's primary argument for this is that the fire used in creation represents the fires of hell.  He also argues that our bodies belong to the Lord and therefore burial should be the approach that one takes.  This writer's response would be that it doesn't matter how one's remains are buried.  The fact is at the rapture, or Parousia, in 1 Thessalonians 4, the bodies of saints will reassemble no matter where they are located - including those that are vaporized.  From a human perspective, it is an aspect of stewardship to cremate versus the exorbitant fees that funeral homes charge (a form of usury).  Further, the ashes of loved ones can be kept at home where the memory of the loved one can be appreciated.  I don't think that scripture directly deals with the issue, therefore, it must be left to the conscience of each believer. 

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